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Fetal Bovine Serum, Sterile, US origin

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Our Certified premium-grade FBS has lowest Endotoxin levels and our highest level of performance, Each lot of FBS is Triple .01µ sterile filtered to ensure the highest level of sterility and certified free of viral agents.  Our premium-grade FBS is U.S Origin, prepared from finest raw material with a proven processing system and meets the industry's highest quality standard.

• Triple 0.1 Micron Filtered 
• Traceability 
• Free of Mycoplasma and virus
• Consistently Low Endotoxin Levels
• Sterility Tested 
• Big Lot Sizes 
• Lot-to-Lot Consistency 
• Closed-System, Sterile Collection

It will be shipped Overnight on Dry-ice.

STORAGE:  Fetal bovine Serum should be kept frozen at -10 to -40°C and protected from light.

 Laguna Scientific RESERVES THE SAME LOT: We can store in our freezer and ship to you as needed.  Contact us for more details.

WHY TO HEAT INACTIVATE FBS?  The heat inactivation destroys the heat-labile complement proteins.  It has been tested for levels of complement components in commercial FBS and found to be only a fraction of adult levels.  Laguna Scientific FBS is filtered through 0.1µm membrane to remove the contaminating bacteria and mycoplasma.  It is evident from the literature that inactivated FBS does not improve the cell growth over FBS.  Individual cell lines may require inactivated FBS.  

HOW TO HEAT INACTIVATE FBS? Thaw serum slowly to 37°C and mix the contents of the bottle thoroughly.  Place the thawed FBS into a 56°C water bath for 30 min.  Swirl the serum every 5 to 10 minutes to ensure uniform heating and to prevent protein coagulation at the bottom of the bottle.  Transfer the FBS bottle to an ice bath.  Do not exceed the 30 min incubation nor higher than 56°C.