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laguna scientific

Cryo Vials, 100/pk

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  • Manufactured from durable PP and PE
  • Available in 1.5ml, 2.0ml
  • Interlocking cap design ensure exact fit and will not absorb water or other contamination
  • Part of the tube has mold engraved scale experimental process of recording easy 
  • Closures containing silicone gasket can avoid liquid leakage 
  • Screw cap for one-handed operation
  • Temperature range: -196 ℃ -121 ℃
  • Easy-to-read graduations are accurate to ±2%
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation
  • RNase, DNase, DNA free

Note: Do not use freezing vials for storage in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen. Only store vials in the vapor phase above the liquefied gas. Always use appropriate safety equipment when removing vials from cryogenic storage.