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Cryogenic Vials

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  • Cryogenic Vials are perfect for storage of samples; cells, blood, serum and other biological fluids at extremely low temperatures, between -80 degrees Celsius and -196 degrees Celsius. Our Cryogenic vials are non-pyrogenic and DNase and RNase Free.  made out of USP grade VI polypropylene. They are usually These cryogenic vials are available. 1.5 mL and 2 mL capacity.

    * Cryogenic Vials are packed in a storage box for convenience
    * The tube is made of USP grade VI Polypropylene, in a smooth, transparent style; it can resist ultra-low temperatures and withstand repeated freezing and thawing
    *Tube body designed with both graduation and writing area for easy identification, observation and labeling
    * Silica gel sealing washer inside the sealing cap eliminates liquid leakage
    * Working temperature range: -196℃(LN2 gas phase)~ +121℃
    * Max. liquid storage volume for freezing: 80% of max. graduation
    * Sterilized by E-Beam radiation, SAL 10-6
    * DNase/RNase free, non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic