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Laguna Scientific is SBA approved; FDA registered small company provides the highest quality laboratory & Personal protective equipment (PPE) products.  Laguna Scientific have held steadfast to our beliefs of integrity, product quality, competitive pricing, and unsurpassed service. This confidence and respect have led to our continued growth and success. We have a vested interest in satisfying our clients like you.

That is why you’ll find us to be knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient in processing your requests. After all, our success is depending upon your success.  If you are currently a client-partner of Laguna Scientific, we would like to thank you for sharing your confidence and support over the years. If you are a prospective customer, we would like to invite you to join us to become a partner.  Let us help you make you to progress in your endeavors.

Make us your best choice for all your laboratory and PPE needs. 

We provide the high-quality Long Sequencing read (> 850 bp) with 99.95% accuracy. We also process the difficult templates (GC-rich, RNAi etc.) with friendly & effective customer support. Our strength is in providing the quality sequencing at competitive prices, with local free sample pickupto stretch your research budget. 

We welcome your inquiry related to either products or DNA Sequencing services..