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Disposable plastic Transfer Pipettes, Sterile, 1 ml Capillary tip, Individually Wrapped, 400 per box

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Our disposable plastic transfer pipettes are molded into one-piece units from low density polyethylene.  Transfer pipettes are ideal for all laboratory procedures, transferring small amounts of liquid. Eliminates cross-contamination and reduces exposure when working with hazardous or infectious samples. Transfer pipettes can also be used as freeze vials or as storage and transport containers by merely heat sealing the tips closed after filling.

  • The pipet body is translucent, bright white, with good fluidity of the pipet wall, ensuring strong controllability.
  • Can Withstand -196°C, to use in liquid nitrogen environments.
  • The pipet body is slender and flexible and can be bent for easy access to micro and special containers.
  • Small tip ensures repeatability of drop volume.
  • Heat-sealable pipet tip for easy carrying of liquids.
  • Every pipet has printed lot No. for quality traceability.
  • Available in sterilized by irradiation sterilized to SAL 10-6.
  • DNase/RNase-free, non-pyrogenic

Graduated, Large bulb, Sterile, single, 1 ml, 400/pack