DNA Sequencing

Laguna Scientific strives to provide high quality DNA sequencing services at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of services in DNA sequencing with PCR products, plasmid, BAC, cosmid DNA samples. Sequencing services are provided to universities, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Please contact us about your project, we will be very happy to discuss your needs!!

DNA sequencing services 

High quality: >850 base sequence results using ABI 3730XL sequencers.

We will deliver sequencing results in 24 hours.

We helped customers to solve various sequencing related problems such as secondary structure, hairpin, multiple RNAi loops done with advanced technology: & proprietary DNA sequencing technologies and reagents

Extra value packages: Free repeat, free universal primers, free pickup.

Comprehensive services:  cost efficient DNA analysis services including DNA fragment analysis, genotyping, PCR clean-up etc.

Quality assurance

  • Multi-step quality control procedures
  • Technical support - trouble shooting

 DNA samples

  • Plasmids
  • Cosmids
  • PCR products
  • Phage DNA (single-stranded)
  • Genomic DNA
  • Larger constructs (BAC and YAC clones)

 Advanced technology

  • Best and well maintained sequencing instruments
  • Optimized sequencing protocols
  • Innovative sequencing reagents
  • Tech support