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laguna scientific

SmartBlue™ Blue Light Transilluminator

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Many new fluorescent dyes have been developed to replace the traditional method of nucleic acid detection using toxic EtBr.  The use of these new dyes eliminates the requirement for DNA-damaging UV light, as their fluorescent excitation can be achieved using visible, blue light wavelengths.  The SmartBlue is the perfect transilluminator to use with these new dyes.  It emits blue light at a wavelength of 465nm, perfect for excitation of most green fluorophors, including our  SmartGlow, SYBR Green, SYBR Safe, SYBR Gold, GelStar, GelGreen, to name a few.


  • Blue light, safe for nucleic acids
  • Uniform illumination (UI Technology)
  • Optimal wavelength (465nm) for common safe stains
  • Easily removable, two position amber filter cover