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Polystyrene Spectrophotometer Cuvettes, Disposable

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These Polystyrene cuvettes have a standard 1cm light path, to provide maximum light transmission. These cuvettes have excellent optical qualities throughout the spectral range, which is excellent for scanning small volumes, enzyme rate reactions, and standard curve determinations.

  • Polystyrene cuvettes are designed for assay range of 340nm-750nm
  • Cuvettes are select disposable products for their optics specialty and chemically resistant. 
  • Pure crystal-clear virgin GPPS ensures the transparency 
  • Available with standard volume size of 4.5ml, 10mm path length 
  • CV of transmittance is less than 0.3% 
  • Resistant with most polar organic solvents 
  • Smooth sides make optical pathway no inflecting 
  • Recessed sides prevent scratching and convenient for grip

Available as Micro cuvettes with 1.5ml volume


Fluorometry cuvettes with 4 clear sides with 4.5ml volume

Standard VIS cuvettes with 4.5 ml volume