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MultiCycler 332 Triple Block Thermal Cycler

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Designed for laboratories wanting flexibility in their applications, Benchmark’s MultiCycler™ Thermal Cyclers offer multiple, independent cycling blocks in a single unit. Dual or triple block models are available, both offering extremely fast cycling profiles, large touch screen interfaces, self-adjusting heated lids, gradient capabilities, and an easy-to-use program wizard.
All programming features are accessed from the large, 10” full color touch screen. The screen can be angled towards the user when in use and then tucked away to save space. A program wizard guides users through the simple protocol set up process. Advanced programming features include gradient, adjustable ramp rates, and time increments and decrements. For multi-user labs, password protection prevents interference of an existing run. A USB provides for unlimited program storage and easy transfer of protocols between MultiCycler machines.
The auto-adjusting heated lid prevents condensation and evaporation of samples. Lid temperature can be programmed, and when the block temperature is below 35°C, the lid automatically shuts off. Peltier units allow for exceptionally fast heating and cooling of the blocks. Temperature change is precisely and accurately controlled within tight tolerances by a proprietary algorithm that simulates sample temperature, resulting in fast runs and reproducible results.
The wells are arranged in a 4×8 and 6×8 format, allowing for the use of PCR strip tubes in both models. Each block is independently controlled.  For research use only.