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laguna scientific

BioPette Plus, Variable Volume Pipettes w/ Tip Ejector

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• Adjustable ejector accommodates a wide variety of tips
• Two interchangeable ejector buttons provide personalized comfort
• Easy-grip ejector handle for quick removal and adjustment
• Volume can be adjusted from the thumbwheel or the plunger button
• 4 models cover volume range from 0.1µl to 10,00µl
• Fully Autoclavable

Cat. No. BPP-10 Biopette, 0.5 to 10µl, $155.00
Cat. No. BPP-20 Biopette, 2.0 to 20µl, $155.00
Cat. No. BPP-200 Biopette, 20 to 200µl $155.00
Cat. No. BPP-1000 Biopette, 100 to 1000µl $155.00