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Biopette™ A Autoclavable Multichannel Pipettes


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Ideal for all standard 96 well formats, the Biopette™ A Multichannel Pipettes stand up to the wear and tear of constant use while maintaining excellent accuracy and reproducibility. Four overlapping volume ranges are available to precisely meet liquid handling requirements from 1 µl to 300 µl.

LS4612-50A    8 Channels, 5-50μl

LS4612-10A    12 Channels, 1-10μl

Multiple piston assembly for superior accuracy and reproducibility
Streamlined handle provides exceptional user comfort
Tip ejection system requires minimal force
Ideal for high throughput and microplate applications
Light weight and well balanced with a new manifold design
8 and 12 channel models
Four overlapping volume ranges
Fully Autoclavable.