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Reagent reservoirs, Non Sterile, Bulk, 100/box


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Reagent reservoirs are designed for use with all multi channel pipettes;.4-channel, 8-channel, 12-channel and various special purpose pipettes. The reagent reservoirs have indented “spouts” in each corner to make it easy, to drip less pour-off of unused reagents and solutions. Bottoms are formed with a sharply tapered “V” shape to minimize waste and reagent consumption.

The solution reservoirs are packed in bulk, Non sterile

8550 Non Sterile reservoirs, Bulk, 100/box

Other package are also available: packs of 5, or individually wrapped reservoirs. The reservoirs are also supplied in sterile format.

8550S-1 Sterile reservoirs, 1 per bag, 50/box
8550S-5 Sterile reservoirs,5 per bag, 50/box