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Enduro MiniMix


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The new Enduro MiniMix combines the motions of an orbital shaker and a rocker to produce three dimensional action. The benefit of this type of motion is that it is both gentle and thorough.
The pitch and speed of the Enduro MiniMix are fixed to provide the optimal conditions for processing western blots and staining gels. The tilt angle is large enough to provide thorough distribution of solutions, yet small enough to keep the center of the blot from drying out. Minimal amounts of solution can be used, conserving valuable probes and antibodies.
The mixer is supplied with a non-slip rubber mat to help keep boxes in place on the platform. THe housing and platform are easy to clean and decontaminate when needed. For temperature controlled incubations, the Enduro MiniMix may be used in a cold room or an incubator. The unit is lightweight and compact and easily moved where needed.
Labnet Blot Boxes are available in two sizes. The small boxes have a capacity for 3-5mL of solution and are perfect for mini protein gels, such as those used in the Enduro Mini PAGE System. The large boxes will hold 6-10mL and are sized for larger mini protein gels. The boxes are acrylic and feature a hinged lid with a positive catch. The boxes are supplied in packages of 10.