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laguna scientific

Agarose, Powder, 500 gm

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Laguna Scientific Agarose LE (Low EEO) powder is guaranteed to be free of inhibitors, DNases, and RNases.  Low EEO agarose is a more purified agarose with less sulfate content which leads to better DNA resolution and less band distortion. 

Agarose LE can be used for analyses of proteins and nucleic acids of various sizes (150 bp to 6 kbp).  DNA fragment separation is >1,000 base pairs (bp).  Our agarose has high gel strength and is easy to handle at low percentages. Molecular biology agarose is genetic quality tested grade, making it ideal for preparative gels and recovery of DNA. 


  • PCR product analysis
  • Gel extraction and DNA recovery 
  • Plasmid characterisation
  • Southern/Northern blotting
  • DNA Fingerprinting
  • RFLP analysis
  • Detection of DNA polymorphisms
  • Restriction enzyme mapping
  • Glycoprotein Electrophoresis