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6 Well Multi Well Cell Culture Plates, 1 plate/bag, 100/cs


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Our multi-well plates have absolute flat well area, free from inclusions, with the highest level of transparency and are made for continuous cell growth. The lid has an air-venting system and guarantees a controlled gas exchange. The yellow writing area offers a place for identification notes. The notched lid that ensures it can only be placed in one position on the test plate. The growth zone is only available on the spherical base and not on the sides. The white base color is embossed firmly on the polystyrene and eliminates the possibility of loss of identification through detachment. Each plate is packed individually and sterilized by radiation.

All Cell culture products are Sterile, DNase, RNase, and Pyrogen free.

6 well plates, 1 Plate/bag, 100 plates/case